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Hokie Camp

You’re the pride of VPI… or you will be!

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Your next big decision will be to determine where you want to live. A residence hall is more than just a place to sleep. It’s where you live, learn, find friends, and discover your community. When you fill out your housing and dining contract, you establish your priority for selecting your housing assignment. The earlier you submit, the earlier your timeslot for room selection. After you have activated your university user ID, use the StarRez Portal to complete your housing and dining contract now. Deadline is June 1, 2018.

PS: We encourage you to check out our Living-Learning Communities! They are a great way to find friends quickly and amp-up your on-campus living experience.

Can’t wait to get your Virginia Tech experience started?

Are you anxious about being in a new place with new people? Whether you were born singing Old Hokie, or you’re still deciding if you are going to love Blacksburg, this special Virginia Tech tradition is the experience for you. Sign up for Hokie Camp now!

Hokie Camp is for all first-year and transfer students. It’s a carefully designed experience by students, for students, with the purpose of acclimating incoming Hokies to all things Virginia Tech. For three days, you’ll take part in fun activities like campfires and low ropes courses, have real talk around strength and purpose, and engage in a time of service—all while having a blast with other new Hokies.

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So, whether you’re anxious or thrilled about starting college this fall, take the leap and sign up for Hokie Camp today while spots are still available!

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If you’re hung up on the word “camp,” don’t be fooled. Students experience Hokie Camp at the Smith Mountain Lake 4-H Center. You’ll stay in air-conditioned, furnished rooms, and eat delicious food, all while hanging out with other incoming Hokies. Just show up on campus before your session, and we’ll take care of the rest.

You will be assigned to large and small groups led by current students, so you have ample time to get to know your fellow Hokies well. You will explore who you are, talk about the college experience, and become part of Virginia Tech’s unparalleled spirit and tradition.

Camp is a sure way to help ease the transition to college life. You’ll make good friends even before you arrive on campus and leave with an energized sense of what it means to be part of the Hokie family.