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Are you counting down the days until you arrive at Virginia Tech? We are so excited for you to start your Hokie experience! This is a great place to start exploring. Be sure you’ve created your PID so when Orientation registration opens in March you’ll be ready.

If you haven’t already completed your Housing/Dining contract, go ahead and mark that off your to-do list. Even if you don't know who you want for your roommate, it's okay. You can complete the contract and come back later (worry free!). And be sure to check out Living-Learning Communities. They are a great way to ExperienceVT!

Family members play an important role in their students’ lives. Research shows that today’s college students are in contact with their families more than ever -- sometimes multiple times a day. Because of this, we want to make sure you have the information you need as you support your student during their time at Virginia Tech.

Students benefit when their family members understand and support the college experience, while encouraging them to take responsibility for the decisions they will be making. Our goal is to assist you in supporting your student’s transition to Virginia Tech and their academic success, from orientation through commencement.

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Family and Alumni Relations is the first point of contact for Hokie families. We’re here to strengthen the partnership between your family and the university, supporting you just as much as we do your student while they are at Virginia Tech.

Top 10 Things You Should Do Before Your Student Arrives This Fall:

Top 10 Things You Should Do Before Your Student Arrives This Fall:

  1. Attend Family Orientation when your student is attending their orientation this summer.

  2. Bookmark the Student Affairs website and sign up for the Hokie Family E-newsletter. This goes out monthly and keeps families informed of campus activities, events, and deadlines that affect the lives of Virginia Tech students.

  3. Like and follow Student Affairs on Facebook and follow @VTDSA on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat! Also, make sure to follow @drpattyperillo for updates from Vice President for Student Affairs.

  4. Familiarize yourself with this Glossary of Terms and learn some Hokie lingo!

  5. Work with your student to create FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974) passcodes through Hokie SPA for both you and your student. You’ll need this to speak with university officials about personal and confidential information.

  6. Work with your student to create a guest account for yourself through Hokie SPA. You’ll need this to view financial aid and academic records. This will allow you to verify that all financial aid documents have been received.

  7. Work with your student to become an authorized payer through Hokie SPA. You’ll need this to view and pay bills.

  8. Work with your student to establish Guest Account Access. You’ll need this to add money to your student’s dining plan (Flex Additions) and Hokie Passport Account early to ensure that dirty laundry doesn’t come home for break with them!

  9. Start shopping for orange and maroon—they really do go well together!

  10. Stay tuned for 2018 Fall Family Weekend dates!

Don’t stress out! If you have any questions or need help completing any of these, the experts will be available at your Family Orientation this summer. In the meantime, reach out to Family Relations!

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