Money Matters

Things to know about the Bursar’s Office:

  • They handle the money!
  • Tuition, comprehensive fees, course fees, dining plans, housing charges, and software charges all make their way through the Bursar’s Office.
  • Work with your student to become an authorized payer through Hokie SPA. You'll need this to view and pay bills.
  • While we're on that topic, students are required to enroll in direct deposit through Hokie SPA or My VT. It’s a critical timesaver.
  • Work with your student to establish Guest Account Access. You’ll need this to add money to your student’s dining plan (Flex Additions and Hokie Passport Account. Consider making a deposit to your student's Hokie Passport account early to ensure that laundry doesn’t come home for break!
Students at Bursor
Students at Bursor

Late fees and registration holds are added for failing to pay your student account by the posted due date. These are things that happen to you, not to your parents, so make sure you stay on top of e-bills and payments.

Ever heard of FERPA?

It stands for the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, and it protects your rights and privacy when it comes to your records. Virginia Tech complies with FERPA, so be sure to authorize release of information via the FERPA disclosure web form available on Hokie SPA if you want anyone other than yourself to have access to your educational records and student account. Your family member must have your student ID number and their assigned FERPA passcode to contact our office with questions.

Want to spread your payments out a bit? Enroll in a Budget Tuition Plan.

We all love financial aid, right?

Well, the Bursar’s Office applies that aid to your student account. They also handle refunds, third party scholarships, and Virginia College Savings Plans.

Girls at Bursar

Contact the Bursar’s Office for a list of dates, deadlines, and must-knows for new students.