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Whether you are a third-generation Hokie or the first in your family, don’t wait until you are on campus to start college life. Come to Hokie Camp! The Virginia Tech community is rich with tradition, and Hokie Camp will prepare you for what it means to be a part of the Hokie Nation. You’ll make friends, talk about the college experience and how to navigate it successfully, and become part of our unparalleled Hokie Spirit. To learn more and sign up, visit us online today!

Remember those lengthy lists of school supplies you had to buy back in the day?

Those days are over…sort of. You’ll still need a few essentials, but nothing is more essential than your very own computer. Each year, Virginia Tech establishes basic computer requirements for incoming students, but check with your department in case they have additional specifications when it comes to choosing your computer.

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First things first: you need a PID. Everyone at Virginia Tech has a personal identifier called a PID—and you can’t change it, so steer clear of LAX4Lyfe98 or GirlieGirlXoXo. You’ll be using this to communicate with professors and apply for internships and jobs, so keep it simple and professional. Your PID serves as your email address and gives you access to most secure Virginia Tech websites, like Hokie SPA and MyVT.

Virginia Tech email runs through Google, and once you create your PID, you’ll have an account. You can check your email at—just use your

4Help @ Virginia Tech provides a step-by-step guide for new students. The guide covers everything from creating your PID and purchasing necessary software to connecting to the internet and staying secure online, so spend some time exploring their website.

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