Before You Get Here

Stuff you need to do before you get here:

Check out "You're In...Now What?"!

Create your PID

Email, orientation, dining plan, bursar’s account—it all starts here. Your PID is your personal identifier, and all new students need one.

Confirm you’ve submitted your Housing/Dining Contract

In the StarRez Portal, you should have already electronically signed and submitted your contract saying that you want us to save a place for you to sleep and let us know which dining plan you would like. Take note—it’s possible to change your dining plan until August 22 at midnight.

Sign up for New Student Orientation

At Orientation, you’ll sign up for classes and find your way around campus. First-year Orientation is in July, and Transfer Orientation is in June. Sign up on Hokie SPA!

Sign up for Summer Academy 2017

Can’t wait to be a Hokie? Head to Blacksburg early and get a jump-start on your first year—while earning course credit! It’s six weeks long, starting July 2—space is limited, so register today!

Fill out your health forms

Make sure you’ve completed all your required immunizations and filled out and turned in your immunization history form.

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Get yourself a computer

Treat yo’self. Make sure it meets the baseline standards of the computer requirement for Virginia Tech, and check with your department to see if there are any additional required specs based on your major.

Follow and Like the Division of Student Affairs

You’re social, we’re social, let’s get to talking. The Division of Student Affairs is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that we can connect students with information they want in the way they want it. We post campus events and crucial dates you need to know if you want to keep on the up-and-up.

Look up your room assignment

Room assignments and roommate information are posted on StarRez by the end of July.

AlcoholEdu, Haven, and DiversityEdu

Visit Virginia Tech’s online prevention portal to access AlcoholEdu, Haven, and DiversityEdu. As part of Virginia Tech’s comprehensive approach to alcohol education, sexual violence prevention, and diversity awareness, all incoming students will need to complete online program(s).

Some other things to consider:

Student cellist

Create your GobblerConnect account

Looking for a student organization to join? (We’ve got nearly 800 to choose from.) Want to start your own? (You just need two other people to start one!) Check out GobblerConnect, your one-stop-shop for all student orgs and university events. Just create your account, and a world of Hokie interaction is at your fingertips.

Start your Virginia Tech Experience

Your time at Virginia Tech—from orientation to graduation—is all about discovering who you are and what you value. We want you to make the most of your Virginia Tech experience, both inside and outside the classroom. Discover who you are as a person by being curious and more engaged, and set yourself up for success post-graduation. So…how do you start? Check this link, make an account on GobblerConnect, and start thinking about what you want your next four (or five or six) years to look like.

Apply for a Living-Learning Community

Sometimes, a residence hall isn’t just a residence hall (sometimes, they have 3-D printers and theatres). Applications for living-learning communities are taken on a first come, first served basis, so check out all the options and apply ASAP!

Sign up for Hokie Camp!

You don’t want to miss out on this Virginia Tech tradition. Spend three days with other incoming students as you learn all about Virginia Tech. You'll have the opportunity to make lifelong friends and discover what Virginia Tech is to you—all before arriving this fall. Learn more about Hokie Camp under the “Getting Here” tab on this website!

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Discover your Strengths

Learn about how you work, what you value, and who you are becoming by taking the StrengthsFinder assessment. And don't be surprised if someone asks you about your “top five” once you get to campus!

Upgrade your dining plan

You will automatically be signed up for the individual Major Flex Plan, but you can upgrade your dining plan if you think you might need more food throughout the year (or if you plan on getting lobster and lattes on the regular).

Buy a parking permit online

If you’re bringing a car, you must purchase a parking permit, and they make it super easy: just buy it online. Get one early—the lines at Parking Services in August get pretty long. Don’t wait!

Read the room decoration guidelines

Make sure to read these guidelines before you start buying things to bring to campus.

Are you a veteran?

The Office of Veteran Services (OVS) serves as a resource center and first point for veterans, military students, and all students seeking to use department of Veterans Affairs (VA) educational benefits. OVS’s knowledgeable staff responds to student questions and refers students to appropriate university and community services as needed. OVS and the Student Success Center work together to deliver programming for veteran and military students at Virginia Tech.

Students moving into residence hall room