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Hokies are committed to serve, learn, and lead in communities near and far. The paths look different, but every Virginia Tech student and graduate drops little breadcrumbs throughout their journeys, linking them back to this university.

This blog is a place to hold the stories of the sending out and to tell of the breadcrumbs linking back home. Through the stories of our alumni, our students, and our community, we're going to tell the story of the Virginia Tech experience, in all its diverse, unique, and cohesive beauty.

We invite you to ExperienceVT.

At Virginia Tech, we’ve done away with the term “dormitory” and replaced it with the more applicable “residence hall.” Our buildings aren’t your traditional on-campus living facilities.

First-year students are guaranteed university housing and are required to live in the residence halls unless you are a transfer student or an exception is approved.

Living on campus is a bit different than what you knew at home, and it’s a great way to adjust to the college atmosphere, make new friends, and learn what it really means to be a Hokie. It also allows you to explore your independent side…and teaches you how to tidy up in order to keep peace with your roommate.

Student in residence hall
A residence hall room

There are 46 residence halls on campus.

Students reading together


Living somewhere new and sharing life with new people is one of the most exciting aspects of coming to college. When you fill out your housing contract, you can tell us your preferences on what kind of residence hall you’d like to live in. You can request a roommate, too. You both just have to submit a mutual request and enter the other’s name and student ID on your housing contracts. (P.S. You can’t select a residence hall.)

After you’ve submitted your housing contract, you might be wondering, “Where am I living? Who is my roommate?” Room assignments for fall semester will be posted on Hokie SPA at the end of July. You will receive information on how to access your housing assignment, roommate information, and move-in instructions at your email address when they are posted and online at the StarRez Housing Portal.

Check out this advice about living with a roommate, suitemates, or hall mates.

Why choose a Virginia Tech living-learning community?

The moment you decide to be a Hokie, you choose to have a unique college experience. Living-learning communities (LLCs) at Virginia Tech will change the way you think about living on campus by integrating what you study, where you live, who you live with, and how you think about the world. Our living-learning communities provide students with the opportunity to thrive both in and out of the classroom in a learning environment that becomes home. There are LLC options for students from every academic college and every class year. Make the most of your Virginia Tech experience by joining a living-learning community.

  • First-year LLC students have higher GPAs than their non-LLC peers.
  • LLCs show fewer conduct referrals than non-LLC residence halls.
  • LLCs report higher rates of mentorship of students by faculty.
  • LLCs offer on-site tutoring services and Academic Resource Centers, with accessible University Studies advisors.
  • Students in the SERVE LLC have volunteered more than 800 hours of service to local communities and beyond.

These are the vibrant and dynamic living-learning communities at Virginia Tech. For complete details, visit

Hillcrest and Honors Residential Commons

The Honors Residential Commons and the Hillcrest community are open to Honors students from all majors, years, and interests. Students in these communities engage in activities and experiences that blend academic, intellectual, and social interests in an environment that allows members to learn from each other.


Innovate is a community of entrepreneurs, visionaries, business leaders, tech enthusiasts, knowledge-junkies, learning-addicts, and small business fanatics who together have one common goal: to transform opportunities into action. Innovate is open to students of all academic majors at Virginia Tech.


inVenTs provides a living-learning space and cutting-edge design studio for science and engineering students interested in exploring their ability to envision, create, and transform innovative ideas into action. inVenTs consists of four communities: Galileo, for men studying engineering; Hypatia, for women studying engineering; Curie, for students majoring in the physical and quantitative sciences; and DaVinci, designed to help students succeed in first-year science courses.


In Mozaiko, domestic and international students live together in community, sharing experiences, learning languages, and engaging in intercultural dialogue. Interdisciplinary and multigenerational students are supported by faculty and staff as well as visiting international experts, who will challenge the ways students think about their lives in the context of an increasingly connected world. Students have the option to live in language-specific groups, participate in community events, and connect with faculty through dialogue on global topics.

Residential College at West Ambler Johnston

The Residential College at West AJ is a community of more than 850 students from all academic disciplines, ranging from first-year to graduate students. It is led by a live-in Faculty Principal and supported by the 25 affiliated faculty members of the Senior Fellowship. The community consists of four houses, each led by an affiliated faculty member and live-in graduate student. Students in the Residential College work actively to “be together, not the same.” Differences are celebrated, programming is led by both students and faculty, and connections are made throughout the Virginia Tech campus.

Residential Leadership Community

The Residential Leadership Community (RLC) is a one- or two-year academic leadership studies and development program that gives students the option to complete a minor in Leadership and Social Change.

Studio 72: The Living Arts

For students who want the arts to be part of their experience at Virginia Tech -- regardless of their chosen major -- Studio 72 encourages creative approaches to problem solving, with an emphasis on collaborative art-making in both curricular and co-curricular settings. Each academic year will culminate in a student-run showcase of art made by students in collaboration with one another. Visiting artists, faculty, staff, and upper-division students in the community provide a support structure and experiential mentoring.


SERVE, a signature program of VT Engage, is focused on creating an environment for students that fosters personal and civic growth. While studying community engagement and social change theory, SERVE engages students in a variety of service experiences.


The Thrive community focuses on students’ strengths to create a one-of-a-kind Virginia Tech experience. Students benefit from personal coaching and networking with experts, alumni, faculty, and peers while taking advantage of leadership opportunities within the community.

Eggleston residence hall