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Whether you are a third-generation Hokie or the first in your family, don’t wait until you are on campus to start college life. Come to Hokie Camp! The Virginia Tech community is rich with tradition, and Hokie Camp will prepare you for what it means to be a part of the Hokie Nation. You’ll make friends, talk about the college experience and how to navigate it successfully, and become part of our unparalleled Hokie Spirit. To learn more and sign up, visit us online today!

Virginia Tech strives to help Hokies thrive and be well in mind, body, and spirit—so much so that entire departments are dedicated to this work.

If you are sick or wounded, or need medical care or immunizations, Schiffert Health Center is here for you. Check out all the services offered at the on-campus facility.

If you are struggling with your college life, a relationship, schoolwork, sudden traumatic event, or another worrisome issue, you can talk to a mental health counselor at Cook Counseling Center.

Cook offers mental health consultations and all kinds of clinical services to help students suffering with depression, anxiety, relationship problems, loneliness, or substance abuse. Online screening is also available to help you determine whether seeing a counselor might help you with depression, alcohol use, eating disorders, and anxiety.

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Almost all services provided by Schiffert Health Center and Cook Counseling Center are covered in the student health fee you’ll pay with tuition.

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The Hokie Wellness department offers a variety of educational and outreach opportunitites. Looking to get healthier? Make sure to attend one of our peer-led Healthy Hokie Wellness Workshops on sleep, nutrition, stress management, and many more areas of well-being. Health and wellness coaching is also available for tobacco, alcohol, other drug use, nutrition, and sexual health. Party Positive and Making Positive Choices workshops help students minimize risk and make smarter decisions about alcohol and other drugs.

If you struggle with a disability of any kind, check out Services for Students with Disabilities. This department works closely with the academic side of campus to ensure that your time at Virginia Tech is amazing—whether you have a disability or not. The first step in receiving accommodations is registering. You can even get that done before you get to campus!

Check out these stories about Nina and Bryan, two students who made the most of their education with the help of Services for Students with Disabilities.