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Moving, moving, moving

Hokie Helpers

Moving into your residence hall is awesome… the actual lugging of stuff, well, not so much. Fear not, we have Hokie Helpers! Students, faculty, and staff volunteer during move-in to assist the more than 9,000 campus residents. Hokie Helpers’ smiles, muscles, and goodwill set the stage for a stress-free start to college life. And we are still a school true to our colors of maroon and orange, but for move in—look for the blue shirts!

We want you to do more, be more, and aspire to become your best self through our Aspirations for Student Learning.

  • Commit to unwavering CURIOSITY
  • Practice CIVILITY
  • Prepare for a life of COURAGEOUS LEADERSHIP and
  • Embrace UT PROSIM (That I May Serve) as a way of life.
Everything we do is designed to point you toward a better understanding of these Aspirations, which, in turn will help you better understand yourself.

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Want to learn about other Hokies’ Virginia Tech experiences? Check out Experience VT, a blog written by students, for students, to share the stories of our university.

Once you get your PID, it’s never too early to discover your Strengths. Check out the StrengthsFinder assessment to learn more about your gifts and talents. Make note of your top five—we love strengths here at Virginia Tech, so you’ll be talking about them a lot!

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Now…we know what you’re thinking. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, DSA. That’s a lot to live up to. How will I keep track of all I learn and all I do at Virginia Tech?” Funny you should ask.

We're here to help you explore, practice, and live the Aspirations for Student Learning. Field Guides are little booklets that’ll guide your reflections and exploration of all that Virginia Tech has to offer. You'll be able to record and reflect on your out-of-classroom experiences by using the Aspirations to define yourself. The Field Guides will prompt you to engage in events and activities on campus, and it’ll set you up to have meaningful conversations with other Hokies as you experience Virginia Tech together.