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You’re In…Now What?
Now What?

Your Guide to Life at Virginia Tech
Your Guide to Life at Virginia Tech

“You’re In…Now What?” is your guide to life at Virginia Tech. Within these digital pages, you’ll find information on just about everything you need to be successful at the university. Download the interactive PDF and you’ll get your first look at what it means to be a Virginia Tech student!



You’ve applied, been accepted, and are planning your move to Blacksburg ... Now what?

Your life as a Hokie starts in just a few short months, and that can be overwhelming. That’s where “You’re In…Now What?” comes into play. Reading this magazine will help you plan for life on campus. First and foremost, we’ve got a checklist of things you need to do before you get to campus. But, you’ll also get information on just about anything you need to know about the university, from where to eat and how to use your dining plan to living with a roommate and the ways you can get involved while you’re at school!

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The cover of You're In...Now What?

The cover of You’re In...Now What?
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