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You're In…Now What?
Now What?

Your Guide to Life at Virginia Tech
Your Guide to Life at Virginia Tech

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In years past, "You're In…Now What?" has been a printed magazine that works its way all across the country to the mailboxes of new Virginia Tech students. This year, we're switching it up (and saving some trees) by going all digital. All you have to do is download this awesome, interactive PDF and away you go. Click the magazine cover to the right to get your read on.


This is the cover of our lovely publication, You're In…Now What


Four years of high school? Check. Apply to college? Check. Get into Virginia Tech? Definite check. So you're in…now what? Going from waking up every day and seeing the same people for the past four years of your life to a completely new environment can be tough. But it's okay; we've got the tool to get you through it. "You're In…Now What?" you'll find the inside info on just about anything you need to know about living on campus.

From where to eat and how to pay for those noms, to living with a roommate and every which way you can get involved, "You're In…Now What?" has the straight skinny on how to work it during college. And if you're looking for a place to direct you to just about anything you want to know, we've pulled out the resources from each article in the magazine and put them on this site.

Why do you love Virginia Tech?

How to Use the Dining Plan

Venture Out

The Division of Student Affairs?

A Look at Move In

Party Positive

The Big Picture
This is the Big Picture

Take a second. Now, take a deep breath. Wrap your head around it. You're a Virginia Tech student. You're probably saying to yourself, "Okay, I'm getting tingles." But, slow your roll long enough to get the basics down. Things like computer stuff, learning stuff, Hokie stuff, diversity stuff…are you taking notes, or what? This is a lot of stuff.

Article Resources
Welcome to the Big Leagues
You're in the big leagues now!

I know, I know, you can't wait to get to campus. So, don't. New Student Orientation is in the summer, and Hokie Camp comes just a month before classes start. It all starts this summer and leads up to move-in and Hokie Hi—it's like a long party; you'll dig it.

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You don't know your Virginia Tech history until you listen to our classic tunes!

Click to play the Hokie Pokie Click to play Tech Triumph Click to play the Victory March

Tech Triumph Lyrics
The Big Picture
How does being a roomate even work?

Planning on what your room is going to look like? Make sure you get in touch with your roommate before picking out fabrics. Never had a roommate? Get the low down on living on campus, cohabiting with a soon-to-be-bestie, what it's like living in a residence hall.

Article Resources
Staying, Happy, Healthy, and Fed
For the next four years you'll be eating some of the best campus food in the country.

Health care is a hot topic these days—luckily, the student health fee is part of your tuition, so it's basically free, right? We've got some tips on how to stay healthy while at school. And think you might miss some of that home cooking? Don't Ours is better. From vegetable tempura and mac and cheese to chicken shawarma and London broil, we've got it all.

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Parents and Families
Families are the best!

This is for the moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and dogs and cats out there. You've brought them this far; now it's time to let them take the reins. And if you need someone to talk to, have a concern, or just want to know when Family Weekend is, you can find out all the information you need here.

Article Resources

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“You’re In...Now What?” is a mighty powerful PDF and we recommend you use Adobe Reader to peruse its knowledge-inducing contents. Smash the button below for the Adobe Reader download, if you don’t have it already, (we know how wise-to-it our students are) and then download the magazine.

Now, technology these days has a habit of thinking for you. Most PDF readers will show a warning every time you click on a link that graciously lets you know that you have indeed clicked on a link and asks if you trust it. Since “You’re In...Now What?” is filled to the brim with external links to university resources (which you should certainly trust, scout’s honor), we thought we’d spare you the pain of Googling and show you a quick work around:

  • Open Adobe Reader and take a gander at the preferences.
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  • You may now enjoy “You’re In...Now What?” to the fullest extent.

PS: If you want to read the magazine on the go with a tablet or phone, download the E-reader version below!

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This is the cover of our lovely publication, You're In...Now What?

This is the cover of our lovely publication, You're In...Now What?

This is the cover of our lovely publication, You're In...Now What?

Pack this stuff into your brainspace before you pack anything else

Getting computer savvy

Put on your learning pants

What is a Hokie made of?

We've got what you need

Diversify your world


This is the first summer of your college career—Let's Go

Move–In Day and the truckload of awesome that is Hokie—Hi


The first rule of living on campus…

How does being a roommate even work?

Here's the skinny on living in a residence hall


Who needs an apple a day when you've got great university health care?

Not your high school cafeteria

Eight out of close to a million ways to get involved


Families as partners